USB Mode

  • Download the SmoothTrack USB tunnel tool.
  • Have either iTunes or both "Apple Mobile Device Support" and "Apple Application Support" installed.
  • Plug your phone into your PC's USB connection. If you haven't yet, launch iTunes once to make sure it asks for permissions to your phone.
  • Launch OpenTrack
  • Set its input mode to "UDP" and make sure its port is set to 4242, press "Start".
  • If you have not done so, open UDP port 4242 in your firewall (and restart OpenTrack if you made any changes).
  • In SmoothTrack on your iOS device, pause the tracking if need be, then in settings tap "Activate USB Connection"
  • ONLY NOW run startSTUSB.bat. This should cause you to connect to OpenTrack via USB!

Instructions For Android:

  • Enable adb-debugging on your device, instructions here
  • Download the open source gnirehtet server (1 MB) and extract it.
  • Download Android platform tools (8 MB), and extract the following files to the gnirehtet folder:
  • Plug in your Android device via USB - Double-click on "gnirehtet-run.cmd" in your gnirehtet folder
  • Your device will ask you whether you want to connect to the VPN connection Gnirehtet is creating for you
  • Say OK.
  • Press Windows key -> "Command Prompt" -> type "ipconfig" -> find your IPv4 address
  • Now start up OpenTrack, set UDP as input (check its port), start up SmoothTrack, enter your IPv4 address + port and hit Start!